The Williamson family has long been associated with the Right Hand Society, and its members have had a hand in various world-changing events. A peculiar habit of theirs is that the firstborn son is almost always named Jonathan Christopher.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson I Edit

Born in South Carolina in 1833 as one of the slaves of the Bloxham family. After they were almost all killed in the Neil Uprising of 1854, he was freed, along with his future wife Suzanna, and moved to Canada. There he was introduced to the Right Hand Society, and he and his wife became ardent members. However, he retired in 1868 with the birth of his first child, and he moved to what would be known as Todd Township, Kansas that same year, where he would be killed in defense of it during the Year of the American Wraiths.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson II Edit

Born in Toronto in 1868, he was the only child of Suzanna and Jonathan Christopher Williamson I before the latter's death that same year. He was raised with help from the Right Hand Society, and he enlisted in their ranks as soon as he was able. A devoted workaholic, he focused almost entirely on Society missions until his marriage in 1906 to another member. They had two children, and would later raise a grandchild before JCW II died in 1962.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson III Edit

Born in Cleveland in 1907, his life is relatively unimportant and marked with what would now be deemed severe bipolar disorder. He married in 1924 after impregnating a local woman, only to vanish in 1925, three months after she gave birth. It is unknown what happened to him.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson IV Edit

Born in Cleveland in 1925, he was primarily raised by his mother and his grandparents. After a brief stint with the Right Hand Society (including some services in war-torn Korea), he resigned and became a reporter in Omaha, Nebraska. There he became a local fixture and met his wife, with whom he had three children. He would die in 2016 of a heart attack while covering the extended aftermath of the Battle of the Dome.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson V Edit

Born in Omaha in 1960. A bright child, he was educated at the undergrad level at University of Pennsylvania, where he met his wife and enrolled in the Right Hand Society. However, he was soon transferred back to Omaha when Tiffany Williamson was placed in his care in 1985. He finished his studies at University of Nebraska and had one more child. He would serve as part of the medical corps of the Society right up until he was killed during the Three Hour War in 2046.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson VI Edit

Born in Omaha in 1992, he grew up hearing of his older sister's exploits during the Second Angel War, and he joined the Right Hand Society as soon as he was able. He served with distinction during the Seven Sins Campaign and the resulting Battle of the Dome. Soon afterwards, he married a fellow Society member and had two children of his own. He was killed during the Three Hour War in 2046, shortly before his father.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson VII Edit

He was born in Tempe, Arizona in 2019. The first member of the family who had nothing to do with the Society (at least initially), he had his heart set on being a novelist, and actually spent most of his years writing for Fodor's (with help from some family members in the Society). He married in 2044 and had twin children, but they were displaced during the Three Hour War, and his wife was killed. After the devastation of Earth, he joined the Right Hand Society and worked until his own death in 2082 to help restore the planet.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson VIII Edit

See Oliver Scott.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson IX Edit

Born 2053, the son of Adrian Patrick Doogan-Wellesly and Madeline Williamson (sister of Jonathan Christopher Williamson VIII). He grew up during the rehabilitation of Earth and became a geologist with the Right Hand Society. During his missions all over the world, he met his wife and settled at the Dorado base in Chile, where he had three children.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson X Edit

Born 2081 in Dorado, Chile, he proved to be insanely gifted with computer science. So much so that he was recruited by the Right Hand Society to be part of the Therian Return Project at the age of fifteen. He never married, but wound up with two children from a brief relationship in 2116. Eventually, he retired from computing in order to run for mayor of Dorado, an office he won and held until his death in 2163 of natural causes.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson XI Edit

Born 2116 in Taurus, Brazil, he would be raised with his twin sister Jessica Williamson in Dorado, Chile. Both were part of the Therian Project in the 2130's and 40's, and it was here that Jonathan met his wife. The two were only married for a few years, but that was enough for one son. After the Therian Project concluded, Jonathan became a botanist and often spent time assisting in the reforestation of Earth. He died peacefully in 2209, just before the Horrors.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson XII Edit

Born 2143 in Taurus, Brazil, he traveled a lot, being shared between his father and mother. This sparked an interest in anthropology, and he would later spend the rest of his life all over the world. Eventually, he would get married in 2178, but his only child would be the result of an affair six years later. Between that and his wanderlust, his marriage collapsed, and he threw himself wholeheartedly into the remapping project. He would die in 2216 helping the last pure humans survive the Horrors, running the town of Port Sigur in Moldova, and raising his only grandson.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson XIII Edit

Born 2184 in Aquarius, Poland. He lived with his mother for a few years, but eventually came to live with his grandfather Jonathan Christopher Williamson XI. He took up JCW X's interest in computers and eventually threw himself into research on Therian materialization. He had a short-lived marriage that produced one child, but it quickly broke up. He was increasingly obsessed and unstable, and was killed in 2209 after accidentally causing the Horrors.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson XIV Edit

Born 2204 in Cetus, Italy. Only five at the time of the Horrors, he was forced to Moldova with his grandfather JCW XII. His parentage was kept a secret, but he was subject to the same moodiness as his father, though to much lesser extremes. He would live his life mostly peacefully, marrying twice and producing five children. Sadly, though, he would die in 2239 during the destruction of Port Sigur.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson XV Edit

Born 2228 in Port Sigur, Moldova, the last of five children. He would later be the only survivor of the destruction of Port Sigur. He lived out in the wilderness for the rest of his life as a hunter, only meeting one other human, his wife. He would die in 2276, killed by a Cao Ran.

Jonathan Christopher Williamson XVI Edit

Born 2272 somewhere in modern-day southern Belarus, he almost had to raise himself after his parents died before he reached age seven. He would later wander into the town of Equuleus in modern-day Kazakhstan, where he would meet a vampire whom he would marry. After the destruction of Equuleus by the Alucardians, he organized the re-gathering of all surviving humans and helped lead in the destruction of the Alucardians.

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