The Todd family, originally from Gunzberg, Bavaria, were in possession of a ring, bound to which was the Sila Jinn Abigail Todd. It was originally forged by Michael von Gunz in the 1850's, and due to poor construction, Abigail was permanently bound to the ring. The quest to undo its affect on Abigail occupied over a century and a half.

Appearance Edit

The ring appeared to be made of gold, but this was simply a covering. Under the surface, the ring was steel. The ring was set primarily with a garnet, accented by citrine, flourite (green), diamond (clear), and kyanite. The band was studded with lapis lazuli (blue), erythrite (red), iolite (violet), bloodstone (green), sapphire (black), tourmaline (orange), enstatite (brown), rhodochrosite, spodumene, opal (multicolored), hematite, and natronite. This set of gems spelled out LEIBSTER SOHN (dearest son in German). Under the surface of the garnet was carved the Seal, which bound Abigail into the ring.

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