The Todd Family were the owners of the Sila Jinn Abigail Todd. They were previously known as the von Gunz family, natives of Günzberg in Bavaria, but their name was changed. In addition to the ring (only wieldable by men), all members descended from Samantha Todd possess a variant of the Sophia talent, allowing them quicker reflexes and sudden bursts of inspiration (which are more reliable in women).

Michael von Gunz Edit

Michael von Gunz was a wealthy merchant and jinn master. Unbeknownst to most of Europe, he thwarted an assassination attempt on the Bavarian King Ludwig I, causing the assassin to be executed. In turn, his wife was assassinated in 1855. Seeking someone to watch after his five-year-old son, he used magic to summon a jinn, whom he named Abigail and bound into a ring. While he treated her with some respect and was a pillar in the community, he refused to release her from her bounds and also refused to let her worship according to her own Muslim faith. Eventually, in 1864, he was caught in a house fire set by a political extremist. He told Abigail to watch after his son, then burned to death.

Sebastian Todd Edit

Sebastian was born in Gunzberg, Bavaria in 1852. While his father worked, Abigail was set to watch him, and he became very fond of her, vowing to set her free. However, upon receiving the ring in 1864, he had no idea how to undo the spell without killing Abigail. Thus, he brought her to Munich and the Order of the Transfiguration, but they couldn't figure out how to undo the curse either. Thus, they waited there for three years. While being transported to someone who had an idea, though, Sebastian and Abigail were ambushed, and forced to flee. They passed through England, where they met Samantha Sophia Stevenson-Stillwell, who accompanied them to America and who married Sebastian (then under the name of Todd). They eventually settled in Kansas, where they and their five children became the driving force behind their town, eventually leading to it being named in their honor, especially after the Year of the American Wraith. Sadly, Sebastian was killed in a kidnapping/home invasion in 1895.

Conrad Todd Edit

Conrad was born in Todd Township, Kansas in 1874. The second son of Sebastian and Samantha, Samuel Todd (the firstborn) had left for India in 1886, and was never heard from again. Thus, when Sebastian was killed in the kidnapping of his oldest daughter Sara Sophia, the ring passed to Conrad. Despite their best efforts, he and Abigail could not find Sara. Thus, the family moved to Laramie, Wyoming, where the children attended college at the newborn University of Wyoming. There, Conrad met Ronald Anstruther, whom he would remain with for the rest of his life. The two lived together, moving to Cleveland, Ohio in 1906, but Conrad was called to the draft in 1918. Ronald quickly enlisted as well. However, their transport was sunk on route to Europe, and Conrad later died of complications from exposure. Ronald, grieving, mailed the ring back to the Todd family (per Conrad's last request) and lived for six years in Cleveland before disappearing.

Gregory Todd Edit

The youngest child of Sebastian and Samantha, he was born in Todd Township in 1879. He moved with the other Todds to Laramie, Wyoming, where he attained his degree in animal sciences. He eventually took the opportunity to move to Montana, where he met his wife and had three sons before she died in childbirth. In 1918, the ring came to him. It only stayed with him for seven years, though, before he was murdered in a mugging gone wrong.

Michael Todd Edit

Born in Bozeman, Montana in 1907, he was the twin of Alvin Todd. Upon the murder of his father, the ring should have come to him, but it had been stolen by his youngest brother William, who had murdered their father to get it. William was quickly relieved of the ring, but Michael was killed in the attempt.

Alvin Todd Edit

Born in Bozeman, Montana in 1907, twin of Michael Todd. After the death of Gregory and Michael Todd, William was arrested and put to death. Distraught, and with Abigail processing the things she'd been ordered to do by William, Alvin moved to Salem, Oregon, where he lived alone for seventeen years. Eventually, though, he was attacked by a jinn interested in freeing Abigail. Looking for a way to flee, he was selected for the draft in World War II. Despite his attempts to register as a conscientious objector, he was assigned to the Pacific Theater, and took part all the way up to the invasion of Japan. There he met Hanako Elizabeth Sukigahara, whom he married and took back to the states. He moved again, this time to Dodge City, Kansas, near where Todd Township had been. The couple then had three children and Alvin died in 1991.

James Todd Edit

James Daisuke Todd was born in Iizuka, Fukuoka, Japan, in 1951. He wanted to follow his father into the military, but Alvin strictly said no. Annoyed, he joined anyway as soon as he turned eighteen, and was sent to Vietnam. Phased, but not discouraged, he continued his military career until an accident caused him to be transitioned home from the Gulf War. At that point, James received the ring. Soon, he'd struck up a relationship with a woman local to Dodge City, with whom he had two children. It was with him that Abigail 'celebrated' her 150th anniversary of being enslaved before he was killed in 2012.

Donald and Douglas Todd Edit

Born in Dodge City in 1993 to James Todd, the two were set to attend college before their father was murdered. Their last action was to mail the ring to Oliver Todd before they were themselves killed.

Oliver Todd Edit

Oliver James Todd was born in Dodge City, Kansas, in 1994, to James Todd's brother Daniel Takeru Todd. After his parents were killed in a car accident when he was two, he was raised by his older adopted sister Emily. In 2012, he received the Todd family ring and immediately set about to bring his cousins' killer to justice.

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