The Order of the Transfiguration (also known as the Transfigurationists) is a Christian religious organization dedicated to covert operations in defense of the planet Earth. Founded by Pope Leo I in AD 456 (AM 4216/AH -171) to safeguard relics from Rome that could endanger humanity, it has had a significant impact on Earth history over the years.

History[edit | edit source]

The Order was first conceived of by Pope Innocent I in 410, after the Sack of Rome in that year. Emperor Honorius was quick to agree, as was Atticus, Archbishop of Constantinople, and plans were laid. Owing to instability in Alexandria and Antioch, most planning took place between Rome and Constantinople. Eventually, it was Aelia Pulcharia, in her role as Augustus of the Eastern Roman Empire, who proposed the current site of the Order's headquarters, on an island that would eventually be named after her: Sant'Elia.

The order was initially ruled by a council consisting of the Emperors of the Roman Empire, the Pope in Rome, and the Archibishop (later Patriarch) of Constantinople. Orthodoxy was rigidly enforced, especially after the overthrow of the Roman Empire by the Arian Christian Odoacer (who cared little about what the church did). However, there was still infighting as doctrine evolved, and some members took to using Order property against each other. It was only during the Plague of Justinian (caused by the mishandling of a plague sample by two members) that the Order placed its foremost rule: that there would be no disputes between members, and that their only goal would be the protection of the world.

This was soon put to the test by the foundation of Islam and the rise of the Ummayid dynasty. To their gratitude, while the Muslims refused to join the Order, they did form their own, complementary, organization (the Diwan al-Birad) and co-operated closely with them. The expansionism of the Islamic Empire, and the demands of the Byzantine Empire, though, led to the divorce of state from the Order.

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