Konrad von Furst is a man from Hexie, half Dokkafr, half Avarav. He is the brother of Elfriede von Furst.

Biography Edit

Konrad was born on Mu Hexie to Berthold von Furst and Tammiyat, the Xian of Thought. Before the boy was a year old, though, he and Berthold were captured and sentenced to exile for petty espionage (a crime invented for the case to allow Berthold to live). The two were then sentenced to exile. Before long, though, an angel approached, offering Berthold a life on another planet. Thus, with two stasis devices, Berthold and Konrad were sent to Earth via a rogue wormhole.

Konrad grew up in Blaubeuren, Baden-Wurtemburg, Germany, along with the Marchioness Bertha von Furst and her daughter Elfriede.

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