Jonathan Samuel Zeichner is a member of the Order of the Transfiguration, active during the twenty-first century, especially during the Nekata War.

Biography Edit

Jonathan Samuel Zeichner was born April 11, 1995 to William and Mary Zeichner of Galveston, Texas.

Personal Edit

An avid Catholic, Jonathan described his proudest achievement as the emergency baptism of thirty-seven Nekata during the Battle of Laida. In addition, he spent much of his time in prayer. However, this often came into conflict with his homosexuality. Although he'd accepted these two aspects of himself together and showed no signs of self-loathing (or any direct interest in sexual acts), he often struggled with feelings of loneliness.

Jonathan was also a fan of sports, particularly baseball, soccer, and American football. Such is the source of his confirmation name: Sebastian, after the patron saint of athletes. He performed decently at the high school level, but he was never picked up by any college recruiters. That, plus influence from his mother, swayed him into attending Texas Woman's University. He joined the budding Quidditch team there, which is how he was injured immediately prior to his adventures in time and space.

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