Chi-based physics operate slightly differently from the Standard Model (referred to as the quark/lepton model in other universes). In place of multiple particles, there is only one solid particle and eight kinds of energy that modify the properties of that type of particle.

Primary chi types Edit

Primary chi types are also known as 'seasonal', 'compass point', or 'matched' energies. They are the most basic of the types of energy and gradually decay into each other. They are composed of two matching quanta of opposing charges, referred to as 'yin' and 'yang'.

Earth Edit

Earth chi, the only solid chi, is represented by the color yellow, and it is the focal point around which the other chi types focus. If properly balanced, earth chi keeps the other types of chi from decaying or causing decay. It also takes the longest time to decay.

Wood Edit

Wood chi is represented by the color blue. It corresponds most to the strong force, with elements of electromagnetism. It not only influences individual earth chi particles to stick together, but also the energies each atom contains.

Fire Edit

Fire chi is represented by the color red. It corresponds most to part of the electromagnetic force. The amount of fire chi in a molecule relative to the other types of chi in the molecule the amount of thermal and kinetic energy stored in a molecule.

Metal Edit

Metal chi is represented by the color white. It corresponds most to the gravitational force. Molecules with more metal chi tend to be harder and more brittle.

Water Edit

Water chi is represented by the color black. It corresponds most to the weak force. It increases the speed at which other chi decays, but not at the same rate as that chi's decaying type. As such, it is often instrumental in forming the secondary chi types.

Secondary chi types Edit

These chi types are made of a fusion of a yin quantum and a yang quantum from two separate primary elements, which it decomposes into gradually. Earth chi is unable to form any type of secondary chi.

Life Edit

Life chi is formed from Wood yang and Fire yin, and is represented by the color green. It helps compose many more complicated elements required for life processes.

Light Edit

Light chi is formed from Fire yang and Metal yin, and is represented by the color orange. As it travels, it knocks surface chi loose and maintains a hold on it. This forms colors which can be perceived by the eye.

Thought Edit

Thought chi is formed from Metal yang and Water yin, and is represented by the color purple. It is capable of forming complicated patterns and of reorganizing itself in response to outside stimuli.

Darkness Edit

Darkness chi is formed from Water yang and Wood yin, and is represented by the color grey. It slows down reactions in all kinds of chi and turns away light chi. As a result, it is almost invisible to the naked eye.

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